Business Growth 

Strategic Planning 

Let us review and understand the aspirations for your business and develop a strategy that sets out the clear intent of the business and the steps required to make it happen. Let us roll out the strategy to your whole team in language they will understand, with actions that can be implemented and managed so that you can see real improvements. We will help you through the challenges of delivering change to the business, via planned change management programs. 

Increasing Sales 

If you don’t do something different, you won’t create a different result. 
Get us to take a fresh look at your routes to market, your sales strategy and ways you can reinvigorate your sales team and sales processes. 
We can supply you with sales agents that work on the basis of "no sale, no fee" once engaged. Talk to us about how this might provide an excellent resource to grow your business without the costs involved of directly employed sales teams. 

Increasing Capability 

People will often say that having too much work is “a nice problem to have”, but that’s certainly not how it feels when; 
You can’t turn those sales into cash quick enough to pay your suppliers 
Your staff are pulling their hair out working long hours 
Your processes are at breaking point as they can’t cope with the volume of work 
You need more capacity, but finding the right people with the right skills now is draining your time 
Let us identify the bottlenecks and put in some practical fixes now, to build capability within your business to deal with the extra demands being placed on it. 

Business Issue Management 

You may be experiencing an immediate business issue and need someone to turn to for support. Less immediate issue, but still pressing? We have all experienced days at work when we wondered what happened to the day and why we didn’t get done what we had planned to. Often these days are not in isolation and can lead to weeks, months and even years of failing to make the business better, as we seem to be faced with a regular stream of different business issues to deal with. 

Project Delivery 

Experienced at delivering business critical projects, often when schedule or cost is already under pressure. Let us pick up supporting your business critical project, working with your team or your client as required to deliver the results you need. 
The level of our involvement will be your choice: 
Advice only 
Advice and Support for your team while they deliver it 
Advice, Support and rolling up our sleeves and doing the work – hands-on 
Immediate business issue that needs containing and resolving? Call now to get support. 

Margin Improvement 

How is it possible that your competitor wins the business at a price you just can’t offer? 
Why didn’t that last project make the margin that was forecast when the job was sold? 
You have great products, so why aren’t they delivering the profits you expect? 
Cost can be hidden in a number of places within a business and it often takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot it and remove it from the business. Removing cost from a business should not mean a reduction in quality of the products or services supplied to your customers. Our advice will be made considering all stakeholder interests. We offer support in reviewing of your cost base and provide practical actions to remove unnecessary costs. 

Business Advice 

If you need support across a wide range of business areas, some general advice or you are a start-up business wanting to get some structure to your business, then we can support in this area also. It can be a lonely occupation as the owner running a business, so our Business Advice service is there to provide support and a professional, confidential advisor, to support you as and when needed. 

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