About Review & Improve 

Whether you need professional advice or hands on support delivering business improvement or a critical project, we are on hand to help 
With over 30 years experience in industry, Stephen can provide professional and practical support to resolving your day to day business issues, or become the catalyst within your business to drive improvement. 
Our business name outlines what we do and sums up our general approach. We Review and Improve businesses. We provide an objective and professional review of your business needs and deliver specific results based on your specific needs. 
We don’t pedal a set of prescribed solutions or write a big report to sit on the shelf and then go off into the sunset. 
We offer practical support from someone who has been there and is able to come in and work at your side to improve your business. 
We offer the services of a highly motivated individual to come into your business, sit with you and your team and re-energise those projects you know you need to do in order to improve your business. 
We offer the services of someone who your team will feel comfortable working with, but will be focused on looking at the facts, so that you have the information you need to make the decisions necessary to take your business forwards. 
We offer the services of a “critical friend”- someone who will sit with you and discuss your aspirations for yourself and your business, without any self-interest, but with enough business experience to provide advice and guidance. 

What we believe: 

UK SME’s want value for money in the services they deploy into their businesses 
Having the support of a professional, confidential, experienced business advisor is a cost effective way for MDO’s to ensure their plans for the business get delivered 
UK SME’s are great businesses and the backbone of the UK economy 
Every business can improve if it takes the time to review what it does 
If you continue to do the same things, you will generate the same results 

Discover Review & Improve 

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